How to import 360° photos to Google Street View (Android)

1. Download a 360° photo from your Panono 360 Camera 16k account as equirectangular (important: 8192x4096 px!).


2. Connect your device (smartphone/tablet) to your computer via USB and, on your computer, open the camera folder of your device. 

[Computer → name of device  → Phone → DCIM → Camera]

Copy the file you just downloaded into the folder.


3. On your device download the Google Street View app from the playstore and open it on your smartphone Clicke auf PrivateCamera icon" Import 360°-Fotos


Select the referring picture. On the next page select no location (GPS) / Add GPS location. Now assign a location to your image. Confirm the location by selecting the check mark. Afterwards select the check mark.



4. Select the image. Now press the upload icon and - if not already done - log in to your Google-account. Confirm the publication. 



5. Your 360° panono has been successfully integrated into Street View.


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