Extra Cloud Features / Remove Logo / Hotspots / Equi Upload

Besides our normal stitching and hosting service there are several other cloud functions available.
These functions are not included in the basic package. There is a monthly fee for each service.
If you are interested in this option or have any questions, please write to support@panono.com and we will get in touch with you.

1) Hotspot Editor + EQUI Re-Upload/ monthly fee 9,90 EUR
This feature contains both of the following services:

a) Hotspot Editor/ monthly fee 9,90 EUR
This feature lets you interactively modify your 360° photos. You can put info text into your 360° photos to call  your viewers attention to particular objects. There is also the possibility to have hidden text in the 360° photo, only to be revealed when the viewer hovers over it. Geometrical objects can also be added.
Here is an example: https://www.panono.com/p/4BNpOTArZmTt

Note: You cannot link to other content from the Panono Cloud. There is another feature for creating virtual tours that is still in development.

b) Re-upload EQUIS/ monthly fee 9,90 EUR 
After downloading and editing your 360° photos, you will be able to re-upload them back to our servers.

For example, this tool can be used to re-upload panoramas where the tripod has been removed. This video shows the process of retouching the tripod out of a panorama:

2) Logo Removal / monthly fee 19,90 EUR
This will remove the Panono logo from the whole account. All images in the account will be displayed without the logo. When you embed the image into your own website no reference to the Panono Cloud will be visible.
Here is an example: https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/panorama-125.html

Here is an example for both features in action:


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