What has changed with the new firmware? / Firmware Change Log

# 4.2.873 (2017-05-16)



Auto Power Off

This is new functionality where Panono Ball Camera 16K automatically poweroff in an indicated time  after   the user left it without any interaction.

Interaction is the following
- connecting camera by Panono App
- changing capture options or configuration (i.e. sound on/off)
- taking images (NOTE: Countdown starts when capture finishes.)
- downloading image from Panono Ball Camera 16K to Panono App.                                 (NOTE: Countdown starts when downloads finish.)
- Auto Power Off is not triggered during charging via USB cable.                                       Countdown starts when USB cable is    disconnected with power source.

Exposure Compensation for Auto-Exposure Mode

This is a new capture option where user can adjust exposure easily based on the current value set by our Auto-Exposure calculation.

- fix a bug where location data are truncated into smaller precision
- fix a bug where some images shows error pixel
- fix a bug where panorama generated by throwing trigger doesn't contain the right sensor data

# 3.3.831 (2017-02-22)

- fix a bug where camera LED does not stop blinking on startup

# 3.3.765 (2017-01-03)

- fix a bug where camera is suddenly unavailable when reconnecting WiFi frequently

# 3.2.749 (2016-12-01)

- fix a bug where camera is suddenly unavailable to app
- fix a bug where camera doesn't power off correctly
- fix a bug where camera raises an error "Update error - Request timeout" in iOS update when                       updating firmware and is unavailable after the error
- fix a bug where camera may start updating firmware even its battery capacity is lower than safe level

# 3.2-Dandelion.product.723 (2016-11-11)

- fix a bug where camera is suddenly unavailable to app
- fix a bug where it takes more than 10 seconds for camera to shutdown
- fix a bug where camera cannot shutdown correctly
- fix a bug where camera does not store previous settings correctly
- fix a bug where wrong gravity vector is stored when multiple throwing triggers capture
- fix a bug where preview image is slightly tilted although panorama is fine
- fix a bug where battery values from camera shows jittering
- fix a bug where a forced shutdown can break the stored settings of the camera


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  • Avatar
    Wim van der Velden

    Can you give the changelog for firmware 3.1-Dandelion.product.706?
    It was shown when installing, but it disappeared before I red it.

  • Avatar

    I'm having an issue where the firmware isn't downloading... and it's happening on two different mobile devices. Changelog for 3.1 appears to be the same as for 3.0-Dandelion.product.698, by the way.

  • Avatar
    Paolo Romagnoli

    How can i update my panono to 3.1 firmware? Now i have 3.0 version and i don't know how can i update it.

  • Avatar
    Panono Team

    @Wim The made changes were only relevant for the factory process. Nothing added in terms of features. The next firmware is scheduled to be released to the beta group in the forum by next week.

    @Jason Sorry for answering so late. Please write a mail with your device specs to our support@panono.com, if the problem still persists.

    @Paolo You will get an update dialogue on the start up of the Panono app, when a firmware update is available.

  • Avatar
    Lewis Kopp

    I've applied this update twice because the app keeps hounding me every time I try using it. I just did it again and 5 minutes later it is asking me to update the firmware. And the app shows that it its still on 3.1 Dandelionproduct.706, not the 3.2 - .749 that it was supposedly installing. What's going on?

  • Avatar
    Panono Team


    There should be a new update dialogue now. Please proceed with the firmware update. If there is still an update dialogue after the current update, please write a mail to support@panono.com with the serial number of your device.

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