Panono 360 Camera 16k settings (Exposure, ISO, HDR etc.)

You can access the manual settings of the Panono inside the camera menu by selecting the gear-wheel on the bottom right.

Please note: The settings have to be changed back manually. Settings will remain the same, even after restarting the camera!


You can choose between manual and automatic settings.


 Auto Exposure

If you want the exposure time to be set automatically, check the corresponding box.


 Manual Exposure

If you want to set the exposure time and ISO manually, slide the Exposure time and ISO controller to the desired setting. Note that the Panono should be kept as still as possible (tripod or Panono Stick) when using longer exposure times because - like any other camera - movement can result in blurring. 


 White Balance

The white balance can be adjusted either manually or automatically. In the manual mode you have the possibilty to choose between five different color temperatures (e.g. cloudy) by scrolling the slide-button.



If you want to shoot with the new HDR function (High Dynamic Range) which enables shots of scenes with extreme differences in brightness, check on the corresponding box. Please make sure you are using a tripod to avoid blurry images. HDR exposure brackting is +3EV / 0EV / -2EV.



To enable Anti-shake while shooting with stick please check the corresponding box. Once enabled, the Panono will only take a picture if the stick is held still enough to ensure a sharp image.


 Rotation Speed Limit

If you want to throw your Panono but want to sort out blurry images in the first place, you have the possibilty to enable Rotation Speed Limit by checking the corresponding box. The slide button below determines whether a picture is taken or not while throwing due to heavy rotation.

That means, the Panono will only take a picture, when the thrown camera ball is rotating at a minimum to secure a sharp image. 


Auto Power Off

When activated the Panono will turn off automatically, after being idle for the time set. The time can be adjusted from 30s - 30min. This function was added to save battery power. The function will stay enabled when the camera has been turned off and on again. 


Exposure Compensation

This function lets you make changes to the exposure value that was set automatically by the camera sensor. It should be used when the automatic value is not satisfying and just needs a marginal adjustment in one or the other direction.


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    Panono Team

    You can adjust the exposure time from 1/4000 to 2 sec.


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    Panono Team

    HDR exposure brackting is roughly +3EV / 0EV / -2EV

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