Ways to take a picture with your Panono 360 Camera 16k (stick/ adapter/ throwing)

To achieve best results when taking panorama pictures by tossing the Panono 360 Camera 16k up in the air, remember:

· Less camera rotation results in better pictures:
The best technique for throwing the camera is to bend your knees and toss the Panono 360 Camera 16k straight up into the air with both hands.

· Find the right height:
You do not need to throw the Panono 360 Camera 16k several meters up into the air to get great pictures. The higher you toss the camera, the more likely it is that the camera will rotate. If you do not toss the camera high enough, i.e. less than 1 meter/39 inches, your Panono 360 Camera 16k will not trigger, and no picture will be taken.

The ideal throwing height is between 1.5 -4 meters/60-157 inches.



The warranty does not cover damages resulting from dropping the camera.

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