How to use the Panono App

The Panono App is the main interface for operating the Panono 360 Camera 16k. The app lets you manage your Panono 360 Camera 16k as well as your 360 photos.

You can use the app:

  • to trigger the camera to take a picture
  • to look at previews of the 360° photos you have taken
  • upload 360° photos for stitching
  • to view your 360° photos

Download iOS App 

Download our Android App


The App consists of the following 5 interfaces:

1. Explore

2. Profile

3. Camera mode

4. Tasks / Uploading

5. My Panoramas


1. Explore

Connect your device to your local WiFi, and explore 360° photos by other photographers around the globe that are featured on

Get your inspiration from here!


2. Profile

Next step is to sign in to create or edit your personal Panono account. In the iOS version of the app you can view the app settings directly through this menu. You can find the app version here.

To view the app settings in the Android app you can access these settings through the gear wheel in the right corner when you open the navigation menu on the left.


3. Camera mode

Now let's get started!

In your device settings connect to the WiFi of your Panono 360 Camera 16k, which is named after the camera's serial number. The WiFi password is printed on the ball above the serial number.

You will only be able to access the camera menu when you are connected to the camera. Once connected, you will find the previews of all stored images on the camera. You can access the previews by choosing a thumbnail of the preview.
The status of the 360° photo is displayed at the bottom of the preview thumbnail. The status shows you if the image is already saved on your phone or in the cloud.


You will find a small gear wheel in the bottom right corner to access the camera settings of your Panono 360 Camera 16k. You can choose between manual and automatic exposure settings among others. (Please see this article for detailed information: Camera settings (Exposure, ISO, HDR, etc.)

Also, manage your shots by deleting or renaming them, and download the pictures that turned out nice to your device for the next step.


4. Tasks / Uploading

When you've finished shooting you will have to upload the pictures to the Panono cloud where they get stitched. You will need to change back to the local Wifi in order to connect to the cloud or use 3G/4G to upload the picture. We recommend using a WiFi since on picture can be between 30-120 MB per file.

Once uploaded, the images get stitched. This takes roughly 10 minutes. The progress can  be checked in the PROCESSING tab.




5. My 360° Photos

Finally! View your latest 360° photo in 'My Panoramas', and check out the 360°-view.



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