Stitching errors (parallax, distance, sharpness, light conditions, etc.)

In order to improve the overall quality of Stitching in your images, try the following:

Maximize the distance between camera and all objects within the area that is to be photographed.

Avoid taking close up images. When capturing nearby images the so called "Parallax Error" might interfere with the sound perfection of your image. Are some objects much closer to the camera than others, the stitching process might cause displacements due to overlapping of lines in the various layers of your image.

When using the Stick, extend your arm fully so that stitching-errors within the face will be avoided.

Always try to capture a scenery that is rich in detail in order to improve the stitching of your image. A freshly painted white room poses a real challenge to the stitching-algorithm, since all pixels appear equal.

Light plays an equally important role as choosing the right scenic arrangement of objects. Capture your image with sufficient abundance of light. Taking your image with daylight or additional artificial lighting enhances the sharpness significantly.

For finest results, ensure the cleanliness of all 36 lenses. Fatty fingerprints, dust and other impurities will lower the vividness of your image. We recommend our Panono Microfiber Cloth in order to keep on top of it.

Modifying various settings of your Panono in the app also allows you to adapt to your surroundings.


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