Firmware Update

As soon as a new firmware version is available or in case you are using an old version, an alert notice will appear on your screen.

Please note first:

1. Would you like to use your 4G connection of the mobile data?

Then simply connect your smartphone with the WiFi of your Panono camera, open the app, and follow the update instructions. (see below at point 2.) Since you are connected to the mobile Internet and the camera WiFi at the same time, the  switching of the Internet network is not necessary. In this case please continue below with point 2. 


Short version: If you do not want to use your 4G connection of the mobile data during the process:

(further down illustrated with pictures)

You can limit your data usage by deactivating mobile data. No connection to the Internet via the mobile network can then be established. You can still use WiFi even though mobile data is deactivated.

  • Deactivate "mobile data" in your mobile phone settings.
  • Connect your mobile phone with your WiFi at home.
  • Open your Panono app; the update solicitacion appears ("Do now", "Forget camera", "Later").
  • Choose "Do now". (In case you have more than one camera, you have to                choose the one you want to update, then click on "Do now".) The firmware is loaded to the device. 
  • Press the overview/multitasking button and switch to the phone settings; go now      to the WiFi of the camera.
  • Press the overview/multitasking button and switch back to the Panono app, wait      15 seconds.
  • As soon as you see that your camera is connected, click on "START UPLOAD",      so that the firmware can be uploaded from the phone to your camera.
  • After the upload has been completed, press "INSTALL" and wait until the cam          has restarted.
  • To check whether the upload process worked out, connect your phone with the        WiFi of your camera, open the Panono app, and switch into camera mode. Now      click on the gearwheel in the right lower corner and then on the info icon in the        right upper corner. There you should be able to see the newest firmware                  version.


Click on "Do now" if you want to start the update. You also have the option to click "Later" and run the installation another time. If you have already installed the update, you can click "Forget Camera".

Note: If you have more than one camera the notification for one of the others might show up again or the update has not been completed before. 

Also make sure that you backup your data before starting the firmware update!

IMG_0035.PNG   IMG_0034.PNG 

After clicking on "Do now", the message "DOWNLOADING FIRMWARE TO DEVICE" will appear right above a bar which shows you the installation process. Written right above the message you find the latest firmware version you are currently downloading. On "ABORT UPDATE" you can cancel the process if you want to do the update later.

Example "DO NOW"                                        Example "ABORT UPDATE" 

IMG_0036.PNG   IMG_0039.PNG





Example "DO NOW":

Has the firmware been downloaded successfully, a complete green bar "DOWNLOAD SUCCESSFUL" with a checkmark in front of it will appear.

Further down you will find the options "START DOWNLOAD" and "CANCEL". Connect to your camera before you start the download.


Connect to your Camera in the network settings of your phone, if you have not already done so.



(Here as an example from WLAN "Panono" to Camera "Panono-557YEV")

IMG_0156.PNG   IMG_0157.PNG

When you have connected to your Panono and clicked "START UPLOAD", a bar showing the progress of the upload should appear.


As soon as the upload of the firmware has been successfully concluded, you will be given the options "INSTALL" and "CANCEL".


In order to continue with the Firmware-Update, click "INSTALL". Now wait until the installlation will be displayed as finished. This can take up to 3 minutes. Please do not turn the camera of; it will reboot automatically. 


As soon as the update has been installed on your camera, you will receive the notification "Firmware-Update successful". Click "Ok" and wait until the camera reboots.


Connect your device to the camera-WLAN, open the Panono App and enter the camera mode. Press the settings icon on the lower right and then the info-icon in the upper right. It should now display the newest firmware. 



































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