Straighten 360° photos

Every time a 360° photo is taken the Panono 360 Camera 16k sets a vector straight to the ground. This vector is used to align the horizon correctly. 
When the camera is moving during the shot, it becomes difficult to calculate this vector. The horizon will not be aligned correctly.
You can use the Straighten (align horizon) function to re-align the horizon. This function can be found under each 360° photo in the Edit menu.

You will find three sliders when using the tool. The top slider lets you move around in 90° steps. When you are on 0°/180°/-180° you are only able to use the slider in the middle that lets you correct the horizontal axis. When setting the slider to 90°/-90° the bottom slider will become active. You can correct the vertical axis now.

Note: It will take a few minutes to reconfigure the 360° photo on our server. The changes will not be visible until then.

Here is a video showing the process of re-aligning a 360° photo:

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